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It’s no secret that presenting and marketing a property well can have a significant impact on how many bidders show up on auction day, how long the property is on the market, and even the ultimate sale price.

One challenge that many vendors face is that they need to pay for property marketing, advertising and styling costs up front, before the property is sold. That’s where Convini can help.

Convini offers a simple, fast and convenient way for vendors to access property marketing up front and pay for it later, typically from the proceeds of the sale.

Services supported:

  • Advertising including online, print and brochures & print
  • Cosmetic home improvements including painting, gardening and electrics
  • Property styling
  • Conveyancer fees.

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To help landlords retain long term tenants and preserve rental income streams, it is important that the property is comfortable, compliant and everything is in working order.

One challenge that many landlords face is that they may need to pay for planned or unexpected improvements to their investment property.

Convini’s PropPay offers a simple, fast and convenient way for landlords to undertake necessary property improvements or cover expenses without having to pay for these at the time. We can pay these costs and be reimbursed from the property’s future rental proceeds.

Investment property services supported:

  • Property improvements and maintenance
  • White goods and air conditioners
  • Regulatory changes such as pool fences
  • Insurance, council rates and strata fees.


When you sell your home, your deposit can be locked away for up to 120 days so why not get your money now with Convini’s DepositPay.

It’s your money and with DepositPay there’s no need to wait, giving you the freedom to get on with life.

Product features:

  • Get your money in 24 hours
  • Simple online process
  • Pay Convini back when the property settles.

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